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Passion for your product is what makes you unique. Your goal is to find a way to bring your passion to the marketplace and share it with others. The new business opens and the reviews are great. The initial customers, your friends and family all give you high marks. Their comments feed your passion and reinforce your belief that a great product will guarantee you success.

Passion for your product is what drives you to open your business, in most cases that passion is just not enough to make your business a success. In the restaurant business 60% of all start ups will fail within 3 years. Our goal at Conjure is to work with you closely to help you beat the odds. Every business is unique and we believe our approach is unique. Our goal is help you create a plan that is unique to you and your business, one that will provide you with a roadmap of sorts, which in turn will allow you find financial success while also focusing on delivering your passion to your customers.

Overall success is hard to achieve without understanding and support of others. We want to part of your support structure and we want to help you find your success.



"I worked with Jim on several different events and in a number of different business settings. His knowledge of the food and restaurant business is extensive, he's a highly creatve problem solver and an excellent business person as well. He understands both the product AND the numbers - a unique combination in this industry. I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking to create and grow a sustainable business in the food/ catering industry."

Cheryl Beth Kuchler - President of Ballantree Consulting / Founder, CEO Think Tank

Our Experience

20 plus years of owning and operating a business. We have seen employees and clients come and go. We have succeeded and we have failed. We understand what type of commitment is necessary to be successful in a competitive industry.

Notes from Jim

What's On Your Mind?

Posted by admin on July 30, 2011

What is your greatest business challenge?
Finding time to address your business goals.
Communicating your needs to your Executive Chef.
Getting new customers in to experience your product.
Hiring the right person for a management position.
Creating an acceptable profit margin.
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